A lot of patients come to our clinic stating the orthotics they got from another clinic did not work or provide the relief they needed. Part of the reason why patients find orthotics do not work is due to the casting technique. If the orthotics were casted by standing on a foam box or sitting and having their foot pushed into a foam box, the patient’s arch may have stretched and flattened. If the impression of your arch is flattened out in the casting process, there will be less/no support in the orthotic. When we cast your feet in non-weight bearing (feet off the ground) position, we capture your natural foot, thus providing the best outcome for the orthotic. During the casting process, we will ask you to lay on your stomach and we will manually hold your foot in a neutral position till the casting is complete. Chiropodists and Podiatrists are always taught non-weight bearing position as the gold standard for a well made/supportive orthotic.