Below are some of the most common foot conditions. Please click a link to learn more about each condition. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Ankle Sprains – Inability to put weight on foot, ligaments may be torn if unable to walk for more than four steps.

Bunions – Bone protrusion of the 1st or 5th digits. Can cause pain in shoes or when walking barefoot often caused by bio-mechanical and genetic factors.

Corns – Areas of hard build up skin which causes pain when walking. Sometimes feels like a hard pebble on the bottom of the foot.

Flat Feet – Structural flattening of the arch that may lead to bunions, claw toes and other foot abnormalities.

High Arches – Often called Tri-pod stance due to lack of shock absorption when walking with associated knee and back pain. May develop corns or callus on the bottoms of the foot causing pain when walking.

Ingrown Nails – Nails that grow into the sides of the toe. They may cause pain in shoes or even when in bed when a blanket is over the toe. May become infected and have blood and pus present.

Metatarsalgia – Pain on the front or ball of the foot when walking.

Morton’s Neuroma – Numbness, tingling, burning sensation that shoots between two toes.

Nail Fungus – Usually presents itself as a thick discolored nail. Nail may crumble when you cut the nail. It is a fungal infection that can spread to other toes.

Plantar Warts – A contagious virus that can spread across both feet and even to other family members.

Plantar Fasciitus – Often associated with heel spurs which results in pain in the heel and arch when walking or after getting up from sitting and sleeping.

Sesamoiditis – Pain associated underneath the 1st toe joint when walking.