Custom orthotics can reduce pain and other discomforts associated with flat feet. They are designed to offer the support you need where you need it. In fact, the issues with your two feet may not be identical. This means the orthotic inserts for your shoes can be different from each other. They will each cater to the specific needs of that foot.

Common Problems Due To Flat Feet

When a person struggles with flat feet, it can cause pain in various areas. The bottoms of the feet may feel sore, especially if they are on their feet for long periods of time. However, the pain can also be located in the knees or ankles. The locations of the pain and the severity of it can vary from one person to the next. However, such concerns shouldn’t be ignored. Never assume they are just part of the aging process and something you have to deal with.

Over the counter pain relievers can help reduce the symptoms of flat feet, but they don’t resolve the problem. For many individuals, the problem gets worse and worse as time goes by. For others, they find they struggle with fatigue due to the ongoing hurt and pain they deal with. It can make it a challenge to continue working or to enjoy activities that used to be fun for them.

Pain and discomfort due to flat feet can affect a person’s mental health too. It can make them prone to irritability due to the pain. It can be hard to concentrate on tasks or have fun because they can’t ignore the pain they feel. For others, it can lead to depression because they can’t take part in activities like they used to. It can also create anxiety because a person doesn’t know how they will continue to work or get everything done they are responsible for with that level of chronic pain.

What Do Custom Orthotics Offer?

Custom orthotics can help reduce or eliminate the pain caused by flat feet. This is accomplished by aligning the areas as they should be. It is that misalignment of the body parts that create the pain and until that is resolved, the cycle continues to be a problem the person deals with every day. Custom orthotics can prevent the need for surgery to help with alignment, but each person has to be evaluated to see their needs.

The longer flat feet cause problems, the more severe it becomes. When custom orthotics are introduced early on, that offers the best chance of success. For those with a severe situation from flat feet, the custom orthotics can help them find some relief and prolong the length of time before they eventually need to consider surgery to resolve the issue further.

The Right Custom Orthotics For Your Needs

There are several types of custom orthotics, and it is essential to get the right ones for your needs. Otherwise, the problems will continue and the pain will get worse. Some of them are designed to offer more support for the arches. Others are inserts that you place inside of any pair of shoes. Others are a type of foot pad, and they target specific areas of the foot as you move while you walk. There are also ankle supports a person may find useful.

Avoid Over The Counter Orthotics

While there are several over the counter orthotics you can buy, they don’t take your personal needs into consideration. Some of them can be cut to fit your specific shoe size, but they don’t offer support where you need it the most. You can’t guess which type to get and hope the outcome is in your favour! Instead, talk to a specialist to find out what is taking place.
They can complete an assessment. They can confirm you have flat feet and discuss the symptoms you experience. Based on the physical exam and the information you provide; they can create custom orthotics to help you get results and relief. Make sure you keep all follow-up appointments too. The custom orthotics may need to be adjusted to give you the optimum support and relief.