A foot massage is much more than a feel good way to relax or get pampered. There are quite a few health benefits this form of massage offers. Professionals are trained to target certain areas in the feet. This is why you get more benefits from going to a professional than just asking your significant other to rub your feet when you sit on the couch together and unwind.

This doesn’t mean there aren’t benefits to your loved one rubbing your feet, or even doing it yourself. Learn the basics so you can get the most out of the experience. Return the favor by doing it for your partner too! Applying lotion is a great way to help hydrate feet. It also makes the massage easier as your hands can manipulate them easier.

Use all of your fingers and your thumbs to knead the foot from the toes to the heels. Take your time in each area. Next, move to the top and the sides of the feet. Use two hands on each foot to give the best massage possible.

Don’t forget to pull the toes gently back and forth to help strengthen the muscles. You may spend a significant amount of time on your feet each day. This includes work, having fun, and walking. If you exercise daily, it all adds up to lots of time on your feet.

Improved Circulation

Better circulation means your heart isn’t working as hard to circulate blood and oxygen through the body. Staying healthy from the inside out is important, and proper circulation can help you to reduce symptoms of many health related issues. If you have diabetes or circulation concerns, regular foot massage can help you to avoid serious complications.

Make sure you see your doctor regularly for check-ups and follow through with the treatment plan. Improved circulation assists with speeding up the healing process. If you or someone you know has been ill or undergone surgery, regular foot massages can help with the healing.

Eliminates Tension

Even a short foot massage for a few minutes can reduce stress and tension. It can boost your mood and help your brain increase feel good endorphins. If you find it harder to focus in the afternoon, massage your own feet for a bit and you will find you can focus better than before. Don’t skip that afternoon break, find a private place where you can do this!

A foot massage sends positive messages through the body’s nervous system to the brain. If you often feel stressed out or sluggish, this one change can help you have a better mindset moving forward in your day.

Reduces Pain and Fatigue

Chronic pain and fatigue can be hard on a person physically and mentally. Foot pain can make it hard to exercise, work, complete errands, and sleep well. A foot massage can help reduce the pain and fatigue, offering some relief. Don’t ignore those signs though that something is off. Schedule a consultation with a professional to identify the underlying cause of pain in your feet. They can help you identify the best solution to reduce or eliminate it.

Foot massage is a great concept for those with arthritis, fibromyalgia, and many other health concerns. It can be a good routine to be involved with for anyone with circulation concerns or diabetes. The goal is to keep the pain at bay while also improving overall circulation.

Examine Feet for Signs of any Concerns

A foot massage is a wonderful time to take a closer look at your feet. Examine them regularly and look for any changes in color. Redness can indicate inflammation while yellowish toenails can be a sign of a fungal infection. Skin that is dry or flaky with a burning sensation may be due to athlete’s foot.

When you take care of problems such as dry skin early on, you can avoid bunions or calluses developing. If you notice a blister forming apply antibiotic ointment to the area and cover it with a bandage. Chronic foot problems or foot pain often mean there are underlying issues that should be addressed. The sooner you see a professional for them, the more treatment options they can explore with you.

If you have had surgery on your feet, make sure you fully heal before engaging in foot massage. Talk to your doctor as it may be beneficial. In other scenarios though, it can hinder the healing rather than speed it up. They can assess the situation with you and give you their feedback about this type of procedure.