Finding the right remedies for your foot pain is important, but it will take time. The level of pain, the frequency of it, and the underlying cause all influence what will work. Some people have feet pain due to being flat footed or a high arch. Others have diabetes or arthritis which can cause flares and pain. For others, it is their job because they are on their feet so much day after day.

When your feet hurt, it is hard to focus on your daily to day routine. It can make you moody and irritable. You may wake up tired because you didn’t sleep well. You may avoid additional activities for fun due to the pain and discomfort. Take action to help feel your best and to prevent foot pain from getting worse.

Identify the Underlying Cause

Focus your time and attention on the underlying cause of your foot pain. It is associated with only one foot or both? If it is one, there is a good chance it has been injured at some point. If it is both, it could be due to your arches or lack of arches. It can also be due to another health issue. Do you see any swelling or bruising? Inflammation can be a sign of a health problem or an injury.

Rest your Feet

When your feet hurt, they are signaling something is wrong. Do what you can to rest them. Sit when you can and try to elevate them. Apply ice throughout the day to help relieve pain. Avoid strenuous activities which will aggravate the problem. If you must be on your feet, make sure you have additional support.

Shoes with Plenty of Support

The shoes you wear can be a factor with foot pain. It is worth it to try changing shoes to see if the pain goes away. You can also add support to your current shoes with insoles. Make sure you focus on the areas where you need support the most. Otherwise, the pain can still be there. Often, inserts or orthotics are designed to work on several areas and not just one.

Over the Counter Medicine

For dull pain or swelling, over the counter medication can help reduce the pain. This can help you to rest and sleep well. It can help you stay as comfortable as possible. If the pain is severe or it lingers for more than a few weeks you should talk to your doctor.

Stretching and Exercises

Keep your feet flexible and moving. If the pain is worse in the morning due to stiffness, stretch your feet and exercise them before you get out of bed. Such exercises can help your feet get stronger and healthier There are plenty of them you can find online. Make sure you learn the correct ways to complete them for maximum benefit.

Lose Extra Weight

Stay active, but don’t overdo it. Take action to reduce your weight if you need to. The extra weight is putting more pressure on your feet. As you lose weight, you should notice the pain getting better and better.

Change your Diet

Losing weight doesn’t mean you starve or feel deprived. Changing your diet can help you give your body what it needs for fuel. It can help you stay full longer too. Processed foods are high in carbs and high in sugar. Your body will store them as fat. Changing your diet can reduce the risk of inflammation related foot pain.

Talk to your Foot Doctor

Give me a call today. Don’t hesitate talking to your own doctor or a specialist about foot pain. Your efforts may not be enough to take care of the problem. If the pain is unbearable go to the emergency room if you can’t get in to see your regular doctor timely. If the pain is there but not severe, try to treat it on your own for a few weeks. If it lingers, make that appointment with your doctor.

They can complete an assessment as well as look at your feet. Share as much information as you can include the problem, the level of pain, and efforts you have taken on your own to get relief. They may take x-ray of your feet to see if you have a problem that needs additional attention. They may create custom inserts for your shoes to give you the support where you need it.
Blood work may be conducted to discover if you have diabetes or arthritis. If you don’t already have a diagnosis for such health concerns, you may not know they exist. The foot pain is just one of the symptoms you may have and that need to be given attention.