Why should we come to you for orthotics?

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From start to finish your foot issues will be assessed by a foot specialist to address your concerns. An extensive biomechanical examination will be performed. Proper Non-Weight bearing casts will be taken of your feet (as oppose to foam box or mat-scan casts). Your casts will be sent to one of leading labs in the United [...]

Do you assess children for pediatric orthotics?

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Yes, we do. We encourage parents to bring in their children for assessment as soon as they notice any abnormalities in their feet or the way they walk. Situations such as in-toeing can only be corrected between ages 4-9, thus we encourage parents to bring in their children as soon as possible. Pediatric orthotics, however, will [...]

When do you re-cast for new orthotics?

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If you previously got orthotics from us, we will always recast your feet every 2 years as a rule of thumb since your foot may have changed. If you would like to be re-casted, feel free to let us know even if it’s only been a year since your last pair as we are happy to [...]

How long do orthotics last?

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Most orthotics are designed to last anywhere from 2-4 years. However, the lifespan is dependent on the activity that they are used for (i.e. orthotics used day to day will last longer than orthotics used for sports). Your feet will also change as you age, thus, you will need new orthotics if there is a change [...]

What type of warranty is provided with the orthotic?

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Most orthotics have a 6 months warranty with the orthotic. The shell of the orthotic has a lifetime guarantee. We will book a 1 month checkup after your orthotics are fitted and if any adjustments are needed will be sent back to the lab to professionally adjusted.

Where are your orthotics made?

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Currently, we use a lab in the United States. We ship all of our casts across the border because we wanted to use a quality lab that provided the best orthotics to our patients. We pride ourselves in quality and customer satisfaction and thus will strive to deliver the most superior product. The lab we use [...]

Are orthotics covered under my insurance policy?

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Most insurance policies has coverage for orthotics and foot care. Generally Foot care and orthotic coverage are in separate categories (i.e $600 for footcare and $500 for orthotics). Please check with your insurance provider to see what your coverage is. A list of questions to ask your insurance company can be found here.

Do I need a prescription for orthotics before coming to see you?

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For the most part no, Chiropodists are foot specialists and can write their own prescriptions. All major insurance companies will accepts a chiropodist’s prescription for orthotics. We encourage patients to call their insurance provider to clarify their coverage before coming in. A list of questions to ask your insurance company can be found here.

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