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Pain in the feet can be hard to ignore. It can make it difficult to walk, to stay focused, or even to sleep well at night. The shape of a person’s feet often influence how the feel in certain shoes. There are factors that will increase the risk of ongoing pain in the feet too. For example, those that is overweight or has various health problems often find it is an issue for them. Those that stand for long periods of time at work also have a higher risk of feet pain.

You don’t have to just deal with it and try to ignore the pain though. The use of orthotic shoe inserts can help you gain the support you need where you need it. This allows you to wear the shoes you love or the shoes required for your job. At the same time, you have a way to reduce the aching and fatigue your feet have been suffering from. There are different types and brands of such inserts.

What is the Difference?

There is a significant difference between orthotics and typical shoe inserts. The difference will play a role in how well they work for you. Anyone can purchase basic shoe inserts from local retailers or online. They can be trimmed to fit perfectly inside of a given pair of shoes you wear for work or on a regular basis. They do offer some support, but they aren’t going to offer any value for the actual problems with your feet.

With orthotic shoe inserts, they are custom created after you have been evaluated by a professional. They are designed to correct various issues with the feet. You will find the pain is reduced or eliminated. You will notice your balance is better and you can walk better than you did before. This type of device can be useful for those who were born with flat feet. The feet have an arch in them to offer support. When the feet are flat, it can create pain when you stand or walk.

Often, such concerns with the feet that require orthotic shoe inserts are the result of health problems. The pain in the feet is associated with the health issue. Efforts with your doctor to control the health problems are beneficial. Taking it a step further and looking into these medically designed inserts can also help you feel your best. Some of the common health issues associated with feet pain includes:

  • Arthritis
  • Bursitis
  • Diabetes
  • Plantar Fasciitis

Such efforts, along with the orthotic shoe inserts, can make life better for you. When you don’t have to focus on the pain in your feet, you can relax and enjoy life to the fullest. You can continue your job tasks, sleep better, and have some fun. Reducing or eliminating ongoing pain also improves a person’s mood. In some instances, these inserts can eliminate the need for surgery on the feet. Surgery is expensive, there are risks involved, and it takes plenty of time to heal afterwards. Your specialist may recommend trying the orthotic shoe inserts before pursuing surgery.

Do I need a Special Insert?

Not everyone needs a special insert, many do just fine with an over the counter product. The problem is determining which is right for you. A specialist known as a podiatrist can help you with that. They will assess your needs based on the pain you share, your overall health, and the shape of your feet.

In some scenarios, the over the counter inserts will be all you need. They are comfortable and they can give you the additional support your shoes lack. If the problem with your feet is serious or has to do with the shape of your feet though, you may require something more advance. That is where the orthotic custom devices are the better choice. They do cost more, but worth the investment.

When you visit a podiatrist, they are going to take 3-D images of your feet. This allows them to see the structure of them on the inside with the bone areas. They may ask you to perform some movements for them such as standing up and walking across the room. They may physically touch your feet and ankles to get a good understanding of what is taking place.

If it is determined you need orthotic shoe inserts, molds of your feet will be taken. Each foot is done as there can be differences. It is a common misconception our feet are exactly the same. The formation of one may be different than the other. Each of the inserts will be created to focus on the specific needs of that particular foot.

Soft or Hard Orthotic Shoe Inserts

Once the molds are completed they will be sent to a lab. Orthotic shoe inserts can be soft or hard. It will depend on what the specialist feels you need for the best outcome. Soft ones have compression materials that allow for additional comfort. They reduce the pressure on certain areas of the feet where you experience pain.

Hard orthotic shoe inserts are made from plastic and carbon fiber. They are ideal for work shoes or walking shoes. They are designed to reduce the strain and fatigue on feet when you stand for long periods of time. They also offer additional support for the ankles and legs. The ones created for you will depend on the overall assessment results.

It can take some time to get used to them, but you should notice your feet feeling better and better. Since they are created to fit your specific feet design, they should fit perfectly. Let your specialist know if they rub anywhere or don’t fit correctly. They may need to make some adjustments. Keep all of your follow-up appointments and keep track of your pain or fatigue once you use the inserts. This gives you plenty of information to share with the doctor at your next visit. Most patient’s find the orthotic shoe inserts offer them plenty of relief for foot related pain!

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